Outdoor Kitchens

outdoor kitchensOutdoor Kitchens are a great way to maximise and enjoy the use of your garden. A well designed garden kitchen is a great place to cook, entertain and relax during those sunny days and warm summer evenings.

Our outdoor bespoke garden kitchens are all individually tailored and designed to meet your requirements, style and expectations. Outdoor kitchens can be built to a size and style which suits your available space and budget, with a range of weather proof outdoor kitchen appliances.

So why not contact us today and arrange your new outdoor living space to compliment your home and garden.




Outdoor Kitchen Design

bespoke outdoor kitchen designOur designers will meet with you at your property and guide you through the various outdoor kitchen design ideas and available outdoor kitchen appliances, to build you your ideal garden kitchen, ensuring your new outdoor kitchen is a pleasure to behold and use.

Once our designer has all the required information, we will produce an outdoor kitchen design and meet with you to confirm you're happy to go ahead with the kitchen build.

Our outdoor kitchens are built to last and are able to withstand all that the UK weather has to offer. With a wide range of weather resistant finishes on offer, you can be rest assured of a design that compliments your garden and personal style preferences.

Your outdoor kitchen can incorporate a roof or be left completely open, so you're cooking under a beautiful summers day sky or spectacular evening sunset. The advantage of having an added roof on your outdoor kitchen gives you the opportunity to still use your garden kitchen, even if you do encounter the occassional down pour or shower during that summers day or evening.

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

outdoor kitchen appliancesOutdoor kitchens in the UK need to be able to withstand some diverse weather conditions, from hot summers to wet and windy autumn months and freezing winters. We only use FireMagic outdoor kitchen appliances in all our UK outdoor Kitchens. FireMagic have a reputation of being one of the best outdoor kitchen appliance suppliers with a good range of grills, refrigerators, ice makers & refreshment centres.

The wide range of outdoor ktichen appliances available from FireMagic, ensures you will have the perfect appliance set installed to make your dream outdoor kitchen in the UK.

Outdoor Kitchen Grills

The most important part to any outdoor kitchen is the grill. Having a user friendly high quality reliable grill can make all the difference between an enjoyable cooking experience and a chore.

Firemagics large range of kitchen grills ensures you can have the perfect grill to suit your cooking needs, with a variety of sizes and features, your ideal cooking apliance for your outdoor kitchen is sure to be found.

Check out the Firemagic Grills.

Outdoor Kitchen Fridges

With a wide variety of fridges and refreshment coolers, you won't have to keep going back and forth to your aplliances in your home when your cooking or entertaining. All Firemagics fridges and beverage coolers are fully weather proof, so you can store your food and keep those drinks cool and on hand in your outdoor cooking area.

Check out the FireMagic refrigeration appliances.

Outdoor Kitchen Doors & Drawers

Keep all your cooking utensils, spices, sauces and plates dry and warm in a combination of available outdoor kitchen cupboards, drawers and warming trays. They all come in a choice of finishes to compliment your ideal outdoor kitchen.

Check out more info at Firemagic.


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